BX 230

BX 230

Description du produit

Useful height 500 mm

Working width 510-400 mm

Speed ​​2.0 – 1.5 mt / min

Fully automatic operation
Electrical connection or steam
Central drive system to help wash baskets of different lengths.
Max dimensions. baskets 510 mm / height 500 mm
Structure in double wall stainless steel AISI 304
Tank removed and boiler in AISI 316
Insulated double-wall access doors with opening system
offset and safety switch
Stainless steel filters
Wash and rinse arms in stainless steel, easy to remove
Feet adjustable stainless steel in height
Electrical panel with simplified controls
Low voltage controls 24V panel with safety switch includes
SAS and shelf at the entrance and at the exit SAS
Curtains division areas
Non-return valve
Rinse Saver
Washing Saver
Drying option recommended shelf for smaller models; Module dry option recommended for high capacity models and in the case of turbofan installation.
Inclined upper air jet on all types of drying in order to optimize the dewatering of any surface.Les turbofan feed air knives positioned laterally and in the lower part of the conveyor.
Recommended turbofan option to dry plastic baskets and various items for immediate reuse. They can provide lower humidity index, thanks to the high pressure of the air vortex.
Steam condenser option, recommended for installations in premises with little air or lack of ventilation.
Filter tanks with large capacity washing crop residues and easy to remove.
Vertical self cleaning wash pumps with high throughput.
Wash arms with bayonet coupling and jets with concave self cleaning, equipped with flow regulator.
Steel AISI 316. delisted tanks inclined sides which facilitate draining. Overflow with fixed support, non-removable built to help empty the tanks without being removed.
Superheaters AISI 316 stainless steel insulated to reduce heat loss.
Door insulated double-wall offset, with the fall arrest safety system.
TR91R chaleur.Cette recovery option allows to feed the machine with cold water * ensuring at the same time an energy savings. The mist produced by the machine (otherwise would be dispersed in the room) is sucked and passes through a heat exchanger (air-water). This passage allows the transfer of moist heat steam, feedwater, in por both thereof at a temperature of 45 ° C and therefore a reduction in energy consumption of about 6 kilowatts
BX range is designed to offer, mainly in the bakery sector, great results in content costs for remarkable savings in all phases of its utilisation.Cette range consists of 8 washing crates, able to meet the needs of food industry that needs to wash and sanitize every day a lot of baskets. There are many advantages of the range: versatility, ease of use and absolute cleanliness in compliance with the most stringent standards hygiéniques.Idéales for bakery, pastry and for the food industry in general that require a constant workload. With several versions available and the possibility of customizations, all kinds of dirt can be removed. Several accessories are available for major customization of the washing area, those used to minimize the effort and work. All models can be produced with right or left loading.