Eurodrop N

Basic version. Designed to guarantee maximum reliability, particularly suitable for intensive production of fixed deposit biscuits, even over several hours of work. Easy to use and maintain.

Eurodrop R

Intermediate version which, thanks to the sleeve rotation system, allows the pastry chef to extend the range of products deposited and to respond concretely to very high production needs.

Eurodrop TF

Top of the range. Equipped also with the wire cutting device it guarantees a complete variety of products with different types of pasta. The mechanical solutions adopted allow extremely high performance to be obtained.

400-450-600 mm plate width

40 Thread cutting cycles / minute *

120 mm Maximum stroke




  • Dosing unit with Ø80mm stainless steel rollers
  • Dosing speed electronically adjustable
  • Manual table height adjustment
  • Panel USB port for saving and restoring recipes (on demand)
Plate width 400 450 600
Dimensions 880 x 1360 x H 1380 mm 880 x 1360 x H 1380 mm 1060 x 1360 x H 1380 mm
Weight 265 kg 265 kg 285 kg
Hopper capacity dosing group with rollers 29 l 32 l 43 l
Hopper capacity dosing group with pump 28 l 31 l 42 l
Food 230 The – 50/60 Hz – 1ph 230 The – 50/60 Hz – 1ph 230 The – 50/60 Hz – 1ph