For artisans in the catering trade, semi-industrial laboratories and R&D agrifood industries

Fresh or frozen products in frames up to 600 mm x 400 mm

Pastries, chocolates, pralines, ganaches, caramels, fruit jellies, nougatines, nougats, marshmallows, pastillages, biscuits, pasta almond, catering products, meals, cheese, fruits, vegetables, …

Possibility of making your own personalized designs from a scanned image or an original drawing using ChefCut Office software®


precise compact machine, very fast (jusqu’à 300 mm/s) and very easy to clean (without retention zone)

Loading / unloading of products in masked time (help tools to optional unloading)

Simple and user-friendly operator interface with library of predefined patterns that can be configured directly at the foot of the machine

Installation and start-up in less than an hour.

Low noise level.



o Cutting Capacity : 600 mm x 400 mm.
o Z motorized adjustable cutting head on a race 80 mm.
o Total power of the cutting machine : 10 kW.
o sound of the cutting machine Level : 76 dBA
o Operating temperature : 12 at 22 ° C.
o Overall dimensions : 1500 mm x 1500 mm x 1650 mm.
o weight of the cutting machine : 1 050 kg.
o Machine NSF certified