For outstanding performance !

Maxidrop N

Basic version. Offers the best in terms of performance and strength. Suitable for intensive production of fixed deposit biscuits, even over several hours of work.

Maxidrop R

Intermediate version which, thanks to the sleeve rotation system, allows the pastry chef to extend the range of products deposited and to respond concretely to very high production needs.

Maxidrop PLUS

Offers the best in performance and robustness as well as great flexibility. These characteristics make it a dispensing machine particularly suitable for medium and large size laboratories which have varied and intensive productions.

Maxidrop EVO

Distinguished by its bidirectional nozzle rotation system with electronic position control to leave even more room for the pastry chef's creativity.


Dosing unit with Ø80mm stainless steel rollers

Dosing speed electronically adjustable

Electronic table height adjustment

Variable speed bidirectional socket rotation device with position control

Motorized variable speed wire cutter

Software software for lowering the table during the dosing phase of multilayer or duchess products

Panel USB port for saving and restoring recipes (on demand)

Plate width 400 450 600
Dimensions 880 x 1360 x H 1380 mm 880 x 1360 x H 1380 mm 1060 x 1360 x H 1380 mm
Weight 270 kg 275 kg 290 kg
Hopper capacity dosing group with rollers 29 l 32 l 43 l
Hopper capacity dosing group with pump 28 l 31 l 42l
Food 230 The – 50/60 Hz – 1ph 230 The – 50/60 Hz – 1ph 230 The – 50/60 Hz – 1ph