Top quality

Suitable for whipped and liquid pastes, it allows the production of fixed deposit biscuits. Indicated for laboratories which required to produce large quantities of products such as macaroons, muffins and sponge cake.

400-450 mm plate width.

30 Cycles/minute depose.

120 m maximum stroke.

Stainless steel and aluminum structure with stainless steel coating All parts in contact with food are easily removable and washable.

7 '' color touch screen: images and controls make programming easy and intuitive, with the possibility of memorizing up to 200 recipes.

A wide range of rules and sockets, also on request, makes it possible to produce products in the most diverse shapes and sizes.



Dosing group with Ø80mm PET rollers

Dosing speed electronically adjustable

Electronic table height adjustment

Software software for lowering the table during the dosing phase of multilayer or duchess products

Panel USB port for saving and restoring recipes


Plate width 400 450
Dimensions 890 x 1110 x H 1360 mm 890 x 1110 x H 1360 mm
Weight 270 kg 290 kg
Hopper capacity dosing group with rollers 23 l 25 l
Hopper capacity dosing group with pump 24 l 27 l
Food 230 The – 50/60 Hz – 1ph 230 The – 50/60 Hz – 1ph