RX 250

RX 250


RX 250

Useful height 450 mm

Basket 500×500 mm

Normal speed 150 racks / h

DIN 10510 Speed ​​100 racks / h

Max 250 racks / h

5400-2700 / hr

Thanks to the dishwasher basket wheel drive RX OPTIMA, new objectives, in terms of efficiency, have been achieved.

3R Plus, rinse 3 step system ensures a considerable reduction of water as well as a result of unparalleled quality. The perfect thermal insulation of the walls, the reuse of heat generated by the steam inside of the machine, the recovery of heat from the water for the drain, are among the strong points of this range which boasts the total slaughter waste.
The ease of use and comfort characterize either the working phase, that daily cleaning and handling.
The practical and full control panel simplifies access to the machine functions from the operator. The IP5 control panel, the wash arms that are grouped on racks and are easily removed without tools; options « Auto Cleaning » and « Automated Change » make it easy to end day operations.


Voltage 400V3N 50HZ
Variable speed conveyor
wash arms together on racks
Thermo acoustic insulation
Isolation wash units
Rinsing variable rate
Centralized drain
IP55 electrical panel
Capacitive touch panel TFT screen
Break Tank
Detergent saver
Auto Cleaning battery heat recovery
Electrical predispositions dosing unit
Predisposition HACCP interface.
Counter of operating hours
Water consumption meter based on hours of operation
Counter power consumption based on hours of operation
Possibility to turn off the resistors during the drying operation of the machine

HDR 200: Drying + Heat exchangers
HDRA 209M and 218m HDRA: Drying + Heat exchangers on motorized turn 90 ° and 180 °
AS45: prewash module with filter drawer
Automated servo valves with drain
Auto Cleaning Machine
Twin Unit Dose
Batcher peristaltic
Washing pumps in stainless steel
HACCP supervisor
Input angle 90 ° with prewash
Voltage 230-240V3 50HZ
Extra Voltage 60HZ
Shipping in pieces

Reducing power installed in the boiler
Reduction in installed capacity in the drying
No consumption in addition to maintain the temperature in prewash
Cooling of the air at the outlet of steam and condensation
Reducing the temperature of the drain water
Pre-soak dishes.
The heat exchanger HRD + module drying, provides significant energy savings. It exploits the heat otherwise dispersed in the environment itself to preheat the rinse water as air used for drying.
The conditions in the working area are preserved by reducing the air temperature at the outlet and the drain water; the total installed capacity is thus significantly reduced.
The installation of this option to feed the machine with cold water and allows for drying dishes with zero operative costs compared to the same machine without HRD option.
The HRD module is available either online on mechanized turn 90 ° or 180 ° (respectively HDR 200, 209M HDRA, HDRA 218m). DRAIN AUTOMATED LESS WORK AND ALWAYS CLEAN WATER At the end of the work cycle it is enough to touch a button to empty the tanks without the need to remove the excess and get in touch with the detergent. With servo dedicated to each tank, it is possible to just empty the tanks of prewash. In this way it is ensured the continuous and balanced regeneration water prewash without waste and with an immediate benefit for the following wash phase. In addition, through the central drain, we can program the filling and heating tanks in preparation for the subsequent work session, reaching as total comfort level.

PLUS The new 3R flushing system is characterized by three successive rinsing phases; two of which use water recirculation and remove most of the dishwashing product.
With differentiated jets and Break Tank system with dedicated electric pump, the flow of water on the dishes are always well distributed and constant. The serial speed controller which controls the flushing pump, used to calibrate the water consumption to the actual speed of the conveyor. Moreover, thanks to the HDR option, the consumption of clean water at low temperature for cooling the pre-wash is completely canceled.

AND ENTIRE semplicity
user interface with multi-levels and differentiated access menu, ensures comprehensive and targeted information for both the user and the technician.

TFT panel 7  »
Capacitive Touch panel controls
Quick key operator commands
Continuous monitoring of operating parameters
Detailed information on alarms
Information on hours of work and consumption
History of alarms and events
Between HACCP-face
Management of chemical products and relative levels of alarms and information
Scheduled reminder for maintenance
Proposals to maximize results and efficiency.