Suprema Plus

Designed for mid-size labs looking for maximum flexibility with excellent performance.

Modern programmable functions offer the pastry chef great creative possibilities, deposited products, multilayer and duchess, up to the wire cut.

Supreme Evo

Distinguished by its bidirectional nozzle rotation system with electronic position control to leave even more room for the pastry chef's creativity.

  • 400-450 mm Plate width
  • 40 Thread cutting cycles / minute *
  • 120 mm Maximum stroke


  • Dosing group with Ø80mm PET rollers
  • Dosing speed electronically adjustable
  • Electronic table height adjustment
  • Variable speed sleeve rotation device
  • Motorized variable speed wire cutter
  • Software software for lowering the table during the dosing phase of multilayer or duchess products
  • Panel USB port for saving and restoring recipes
Plate width 400 450
Dimensions 1110 x 895 x H 1360 mm 1110 x 895 x H 1360 mm
Weight 240 kg 245 kg
Hopper capacity dosing group with rollers 23 l 25 l
Hopper capacity dosing group with pump 24 l 27 l
Food 230 The – 50/60 Hz – 1ph 230 The – 50/60 Hz – 1ph