molds Charger with pneumatic dosing plate.

Turns your tempering in an ONLINE

loading system, dosage and polycarbonate molds vibration dimensions 275 × 175 or 275 × 135 mm, for the production of tablets, pralines, napolitaines, etc ... exclusively in chocolate.
Ability to link the upsetting molds Pomati Tipper model for the production of hollow bodies such as glasses, shells, eggs, etc.

Phase 1: tower feed capacity molds 15 rooms.

Phase 2: mix chocolate with pneumatic valve associated with customizable assay plate, heated. Programmable from the touch panel.

Phase 3: vibrating unit continuously or timed.


For everyone

The system can be combined with tempering Pomati T20, T35 and existing machines in the workshops.


Technical characteristics

Depending on the product type 6 Molds minute


Mold / insert
mold dimension: 275× 135 or 275 × 175 mm


Control panel: Touch screen PLC



swivel wheels

240 The / phase / Kw 0.4 (Special voltages on request)


Compressed air connection