Tunnel vertical

The first tunnel in Pomati vertical version.

a lower congestion 90%.

Vertical 175 : the first tunnel Pomati vertical version of a width not exceeding 2m, but which cools as a tunnel 20m, with less clutter 90%. Thanks to its innovative patented cooling system, Vertical 175 is able to cool 72 simultaneously molds with reduced energy consumption. This system has a high reliability due to its servo actuation and adaptability, and can be used in automatic, semi-automatic or manual.

Vertical 175 adapts to already marketed production lines, he reduced the extension and increases efficiency.



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Technical characteristics
mm 2100 x 790 x h 2010
Mold / insert
Is able to cool 72 or 108 molds simultaneously
Servo-actionnements. Automatic operation, semi-automatic or manual.
Volt 240/400V – Hz 50/60 - KW 3
touch screen
inox AISI 304